The Safer Disinfectant Network

Launched in November 2020, the network is a collaboration of leading disinfectant manufacturers and infection control experts, committed to promoting best practice to support public health.

Now more than ever, we need to know the disinfectant products we use, and the way that we use them, will properly clean and sanitise surfaces, equipment and skin – protecting us from infection.

We’re calling for

We’re encouraging employers to sign our voluntary charter that is designed to promote best practice and support public health in the workplace.

The importance of hand and surface #hygiene cannot be understated. It’s imperative to ensure good hygiene behaviours are maintained throughout winter to prepare for what the future may hold

Now more than ever we need to know the disinfectant products we use, protect us. False claimson some disinfectant products put the public at risk. Want to find out more? Read more


Spotlight on surfaces

Viruses, including COVID-19, norovirus and flu, are known to spread by touching surfaces and then touching your face. From picking up objects to turning doorknobs, we are constantly touching surfaces in shared spaces that are potentially contaminated with pathogens from when individuals’ cough or sneeze.

There is a wealth of clinical evidence showing that the use of surface disinfection products can reduce the risk of virus spread by up to 85%.  Hand hygiene and mask-wearing alone – although important – does not deliver the same level of protection.