Safer Working Charter

We’re encouraging employers to sign our voluntary charter that is designed to promote best practice and support public health in the workplace. Good hygiene practices in shared spaces can reduce the risk of transmission by up to 85%. By committing to our core principles, businesses can help keep staff, customers and their families safe and well – during the pandemic, and beyond.
  • Our shared spaces and frequently touched objects will be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day when occupied.
  • We acknowledge that cleaning and disinfecting have two different outcomes: cleaning physically removes dirt & contamination , and disinfecting kills viruses, bacteria & other microorganisms. Both are needed to decontaminate an area.
  • We will ensure all staff have access to surface disinfectant products that are tested to the relevant EN standards for bactericidal & virucidal efficacy as a minimum.
  • We will encourage staff to wipe surfaces in an ‘S’ shape and pay attention to contact time guidance on product packaging: wiping from top to bottom, and from clean to dirty.
  • We will ensure appropriate isolation and decontamination measures are taken if there is an outbreak. These will differ from usual day-to-day hygiene practices.

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